How can we help you?

Introduction of IT innovations.

We will create the strategy for introduction of IT innovations in your organization, create or implement dedicated IT solutions tailored to your needs.

Optimize business processes.

We will increase efficiency of your business through the analysis and optimization of business processes, migrate them to the web-based solutions.

Web and mobile applications.

We will design and create any web & mobile application for your brand, both for promotion and day-to-day work.

Brand promotion in the Internet.

We will help you promoting your products or services on the Internet, integrate marketing in social media, SEO and SEM.

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Our services

Software as a Service (SaaS).

We will develop new and transfer existing software into web applications based on the cloud model. We will transform your business objectives into simple logic and combine it with the latest software delivery model. We will reduce the costs of implementation and maintenance of software for your business, are you interested?

Web Applications & Services.

We design and develop comprehensive web software solutions that your businesses will actually use. Tell us more about how your do your business, and we will simplify and move your business processes to dedicated web applications. Are you interested in IT innovations for your business?

Mobile Applications (Smartphone & Tablet).

We design and code mobile applications for popular mobile platforms, like Apple iOS and Android. Be ahead of your competition, start offering a mobile application to your customers, promote your brand or migrate your business processes directly to application on smartphone or tablet, are you interested?

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Key benefit for cloud oriented web applications and services.

  • Don't worry about software and hardware, stress free web solutions for business.

  • Faster and more flexible deplyments of web applications.

  • Browser-based and mobile applications, no more traditional installers.

  • Access to the latest business technologies, better security.

  • Easy access to application at any time and from anywhere in the world, full redundancy.

  • Predictable and scalable costs that you can plan, cost increases with each user.

  • Always working on latest version of application, no updates and costs associated with it.

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Who are we?

Prolabs is Polish company founded in 2008 and operating in Warsaw, Poland. Prolabs is a group of IT experts and enthusiasts of modern web and mobile solutions, with years of experience in IT and e-commerce.

What we do?

We specialize in design & development of advanced web & mobile applications, and IT security. We maintain and governance business processes for companies, implement internet marketing strategies, R&D and product promotion.
In addition, we believe in agile software development, growth hacking and lean startup!

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